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As experts in medical skincare, we help clients overcome an array of skin conditions, many of which are a direct result of our internal health. To help us look at the most common causes, we asked our New Client Coordinator Jacqui to give us a rundown of the small changes she recommends you make to get your skin back to good health.

Links between sugar consumption and premature ageing have been clinically proven, wrinkles, dark circles and loose skin can be directly attributed to diets high in sugar. Scientifically, this is due to a process called ‘Glycation’ which occurs when key proteins such as collagen and elastin are broken down. In addition to ageing, sugar also plays havoc with our hormonal responses which can have a link to acne. As an instant fix, I would encourage a diet which is low in refined sugar and processed foods.

Keeping the skin hydrated is absolutely essential in maintaining healthy youthful looking skin. Dehydrated skin tends to look flat, dull and lifeless and can be prone to premature ageing. The consumption of water also flushes our kidneys which removes harmful toxins which also have a direct effect on the appearance of our skin. I recommend following the guidelines of at least eight glasses of water per day.

Our natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are key components in keeping the skin looking young and healthy. While our production of these naturally depletes as we age, we’re also subject to a host of environmental factors which are having a damaging effect on our cellular health. As an instant fix, I recommend considering adding supplements to your diet such as Zenii Pro Collagen Health supplements which give your body the boost it needs to replenish daily production.

Clean, gently exfoliated skin is the best basis for keeping the skin healthy and getting the most out of aesthetic treatments however, many of us are unknowingly using cosmetics high in unhealthy, damaging properties. We recommend being selective about the products you’re buying, avoiding anything containing parabens or artificial fragrances. I highly recommend the Jane Iredale range which is ‘clean’ makeup, consciously removed of any ingredient that has the potential for harming our skin or our health.

Jacqui has worked as an aesthetic therapist for eight years and we have been lucky to have her on board for over four years. A highly talented therapist, Jacqui has achieved some incredible results for our clients – especially those with problematic skin conditions. In her dedication to helping clients achieve healthy, flawless skin, Jacqui has a meticulous attention to detail both in analysing the skin and putting together bespoke treatment plans. Jacqui uses the Observ 520 Skin Analysis to analyse the skin of every new client coming to the clinic.
Buy any two products from our professional skin care ranges and you will get the third product half price! This includes the clean make up range from Jane Iredale, the Collagen Pro supplement range from Zenii and the Fernblock UVA and UVB protection from Heliocare.

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