Mole & Lesion Removal

Epsom Skin Clinics in Surrey provide a complete mole and lesion removal service, including full histology testing for anyone concerned about lump, bump or lesion.

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Mole & Lesion Removal

At Epsom Skin Clinics in Surrey, we have a fully equipped minor operating room which we use to perform the mole removal procedure. Our doctors will assess your moles, checking for any that might be concerning while determining the best method of removing the moles you want us to target.

Treatment Summary

  • Price

    From £545

  • Sensitivity

    48 hours

  • anaesthetic


  • procedure

    20-45 mins

  • recovery

    3-5 days

  • treatment


Treatment Areas


Moles & Lesions can occur anywhere on the skin. If you want them removed in any area, Epsom Skin Clinics are here to help.




FAQS ABOUT Mole & Lesion Removal

It’s likely that mole removal will leave a small, pale mark, and if a stitch is required then there might be a small scar, but either way, it will be far less noticeable than the mole itself.

At our Surrey aesthetic clinic, our doctors can choose from various methods for mole removal, depending on the mole and its location:

Primarily used for small, flat moles, skin tags and warts, the hyfrecation process uses micro-currents of electricity to heat small treatment tips, which can target and destroy tiny areas of skin, or the blood supply feeding a lesion.

Shave Excision
Using a scalpel blade parallel to the skin, the doctor removes the lesion layer by layer, leaving only even skin behind. The majority of shaved moles do not require a dressing and heal quickly.

Punch Biopsy
This is done with a round-shaped knife ranging from 1mm to 8mm.  The punch biopsy includes a sample of full-thickness skin and subcutaneous fat, commonly used to diagnose most inflammatory skin conditions.

Cut and Stitch
The most common method used for more extensive, raised moles, is cut and stitch which removes the entire mole or lesion and closes the wound with a small stitch. For larger lesions, a punch biopsy might be performed to send a small sample to the pathology laboratory in order to confirm if a removal is needed.

At our Surrey skin clinic, our doctors will give you a local anaesthetic in the treatment area prior to removing your mole, so the treatment should be pain-free.

We aim to remove the whole mole in one sitting, meaning you should only need one treatment.

After a mole removal in Surrey, you might find the area is a little bit red and sore for a week, and a dressing could be required. Keep the area out of sunlight and use a high SPF sunscreen on the area for about six months to avoid scarring.

All moles and lesions that we remove during minor surgery are sent for full histology testing analysis and the results are reported back to you during your 3-week follow-up appointment.

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