A catalyst in the regeneration of fibroblasts & collagen production

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Setting the benchmark for the next generation skin rejuvenation

By harnessing meticulously filtered, ultra-purified, and sterilised natural DNA fragments, this injectable serum delivers profound benefits and astonishingly visible results. With over 70 years of clinical research, polynucleotides have been used for well over 20 years in therapeutic wound healing, treating diabetic ulcers and burns with exceptional results. The technology ha finally made its way into the aesthetic medicine arena due to their robust regenerative properties

Treatment Summary

  • Price

    From £395

  • Sensitivity

    48 hours

  • anaesthetic


  • procedure

    30 mins

  • recovery

    24 hours

  • treatment

    2-4 Weeks

Treatment Areas


Polynucleotides represent a cutting-edge injectable skin rejuvenation therapy that stimulates your body’s natural healing processes to rejuvenate your skin. These polynucleotide serums are not only safe but also exceptionally pure, yielding remarkable and transformative results.


The beauty industry is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of the Polynucleotide under-eye treatment, which takes an innovative approach to rejuvenating the under-eye area. Polynucleotides present a distinctive alternative to traditional under-eye fillers, combining rejuvenating qualities for a fresh perspective on under-eye care. This treatment is designed to promote a vibrant and revitalized look, targeting a range of concerns including dark under-eye circles, crow’s feet, dry skin, and suboptimal under-eye circulation.

FAQs about Polynucleotides

Polynucleotides (PNs) consist of exceptionally pure DNA fractions that trigger skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. These PNs also possess antioxidant properties, effectively scavenging harmful OH hydroxyl radicals that can accumulate due to external factors such as pollution, stress, and UV rays.

After undergoing meticulous filtration and purification, when these DNA fractions are skillfully injected into the mid-dermis, they activate your body’s natural fibroblast production. This process leads to a thicker and healthier epidermis, along with increased collagen production. Additionally, inflammation is reduced, resulting in restored youthful volume and enhanced skin hydration.

Dermal fillers, composed of hyaluronic acid, serve to fill and draw in moisture to a specific area. In contrast, injectable Polynucleotide serum doesn’t physically fill the space, although it does possess a moisturizing effect by attracting water. Beyond hydration, it functions as both an antioxidant and an internal communicator, sending signals to the dermis to stimulate the growth of new skin cells in particular type 1 collagen, which visibly tightens the dermis

Polynucleotides can be applied to various areas, encompassing the entire face and neck, the décolleté region, the delicate eye area (providing an alternative to tear trough dermal filler treatment), the abdomen, arms, and knees.

As a natural injectable focused on regeneration, Polynucleotides can be used in combination with other injectables and skincare procedures without any safety concerns.

These complementary treatments often involve laser resurfacing, radiofrequency therapy, dermal fillers, signature facials, anti-wrinkle procedures, and ultrasound treatments.

Polynucleotides represent the cutting-edge advancement in skin boosters, offering results that are equivalent to or even surpassing those of Profhilo, which is composed of Hyaluronic Acid. What sets Polynucleotides apart is their composition of DNA fragments, which actively stimulate fibroblasts in the skin. Additionally, PNs exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, effectively eliminating free radicals from the dermal layer.

Profhilo excels as a skin hydrator, delivering a radiant, dewy complexion. In contrast, Polynucleotide treatments like Philart, Nucleofill, and Plenyhage provide a similar effect and are particularly suitable for areas such as the under-eye, where excessive water attraction may not be desirable.

Unlike certain conventional dermal filler treatments, Polynucleotides carry no risk of occlusion, permanent lumping, blindness, or associated complications. This product boasts exceptional purity, and as of now, there have been no reported adverse reactions to it.

The recommended treatment plan can vary based on your specific skin concerns, but as a general guideline, we typically suggest a series of 4-5 treatment sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart, for optimal results. Following these initial sessions, a maintenance session every 6 to 12 months is usually recommended. It’s important to note that you can expect to see continued improvements in the months following your initial treatment sessions.

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