Laser Facials

At Epsom Skin Clinics, we provide a choice of four laser facial treatments to meet an array of skin needs.

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Aesthetic technology develops fast, and laser technology is no exception. Different laser wavelengths and settings can be used to address the concerns of specific skin types, whether that be oily, acne-prone skin, sun-damaged, red, and unevenly pigmented skin, ageing and loose skin, or crinkled, tired skin around the eye area. A patch test will be performed 24 hours prior to any of our laser facial treatments.

Treatment Summary

  • Price

    From £145

  • Sensitivity

    24 hours

  • anaesthetic


  • procedure

    From 30 mins

  • recovery

    From 72 hours

  • treatment

    6 months

Treatment Areas


Our laser facials can treat any skin type.






FAQS ABOUT Laser Facials

It depends on your skin type and aesthetic goals. As a quick guide:

  • Fotana 4D – for ageing skin
  • Fotana Smootheye – For ageing skin around the eyes
  • Q-Tone Laser Facial – for sun damaged, red, or unevenly pigmented skin
  • Carbon Laser Facial – for oily, acne-prone skin, and enlarged pores

We use low energy wavelengths and apply cool air to the skin to ensure it doesn’t overheat. For most clients, treatment is pain free, but if you’re concerned about discomfort, we will discuss the treatment in more detail during your in-depth consultation.

Prior to treatment one of our aesthetic clinicians will consult with you to check you are suitable for treatment and assess your skin using our Observ Skin Analysis. A patch test will be performed to ensure your skin will tolerate the treatment.

Though laser facials can be a standalone treatment, we generally recommend a course of treatments for optimal results, depending on your skin concerns and aesthetic goals. We will discuss this in more detail during your consultation.

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