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As we all know washing our hands regularly and thoroughly is important in avoiding the spread of coronavirus. As a result of the increased diligence many of us are suffering with dry, possibly even cracked skin. With these measures set to continue way into Summer, we asked our dermatologists to put together a guide to the simple things we can do to minimise the damage to our skin.


Avoiding cracked skin

Stopping the skin from cracking is essential, not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also make our hands more vulnerable to picking up germs, especially where the skin is broken. If you find your skin is chapped to the point where breaks in the skin are appearing, we recommend you invest in an intensive treatment for dry skin. Key ingredients to look out for include Pro-Vitamin E which will help with the flaking and Beeswax which protect and condition the skin, both can be found in the Neostrata Problem dry skin cream which we sell at the clinic retailing at £41.


Use moisturiser before hand sanitiser

It feels natural to moisturise after cleaning our hands but when it comes to hand sanitisers with an alcohol content of 60-95%, it’s important that we protect our skin. A top tip is to create a barrier by using a hand cream first and then following with the sanitiser. The high alcohol content will sanitise your skin without such a harsh impact from the alcohol.


Keep your moisturiser close by

To be clear we are definitely not recommending a panic buy of hand moisturiser however, it is sensible to make sure you have moisturiser available to you so you can reapply your cream throughout the day, one in your handbag, bathroom, bedroom and front room will mean you never have to go far to top up!


Hydrating Treatments

Some of us may already suffer with dry hands so in effect we’re adding to an existing condition. If you are really concerned that your hands are suffering, then there are treatments which can help hydrate and therefore protect your skin. These treatments include Profhilo bio remodelling and Radiesse hand rejuvenation a treatment which can last up to 12 months. If you feel you have tried everything and you need quick results then these might be worth considering.


Protect your hands

Protect your hands from chemicals and harsh soaps. We know this is a bit basic but it really does make a huge difference – the last thing we need to add to dry skin are cleaning chemicals which causes irritation to our skin. When cleaning or dealing with dishes always wear protective gloves and choose your hand soap carefully looking for options with natural antibacterial ingredients.

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