Neostrata Mix and Match offer

Neostrata is an award winning range of non-prescription skincare backed by over 40 years of clinical research and development. It's founders, Drs Van Scott & Yu, had a breakthrough discovery finding the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids on dry skin.

They discovered that AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) compounds such as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid enhance skin exfoliation to reduce the appearance of pore size, dark spots and fine line and wrinkles.

They went on to patent 2nd and 3rd generations of Polyhydroxy and Bionic Polyhydroxy acids. These ingredients were non-irritating acids which were more suitable for sensitive skins as well as dry and dehydrated.

Based on this research they created seven different ranges, each of them specifically designed to treat skin concerns including rosacea, hyper pigmentation, acne, dryness and photo damage.


These products are designed to help diminish the appearance of visible expression lines and wrinkles, and improve loss of firmness and sagging skin. Each is formulated with potent, high quality performance-driven ingredients, including Retinol, Aminofil™ and NeoGlucosamine™.


This range addresses uneven skin tone and pigmentation disorders. These products target the multiple pathways of pigmentation with skin brightening ingredients such Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Turmeric Extract, Retinol and NeoGlucosamine™ to help reveal even-toned, glowing skin.


These products smooth and refine the skin’s surface through daily exfoliation. To minimise irritation whilst using the highest concentrations of AHA, they use a gradual release delivery system. They exfoliate the surface skin cells revealing the healthy and vital layers beneath. These products help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, smooth skin texture, reduce visible pores, and reveal healthier-looking skin.


This range features gentle, yet effective Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) for even the most sensitive of skin types. These PHAs are known to help protect the skin’s moisture barrier and augment skin’s antioxidant properties, while providing gentle exfoliation. Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive or Rosacea prone skin.


This range is for problematic skin types, such as oily and acne-prone. They contain exfoliating ingredients such as Glycolic and Mandelic Acids, along with NeoGlucosamine™, to help clarify surface texture for smoother and healthy skin. They contain acne treatment solutions to help clear clogged pores, reduce blemishes and target skin oiliness.


These intensive products target specific areas of concern such as very dry skin, dark circles under the eyes, acne marks and pigmentation. Used on a regular basis they will complement and boost the benefits you experience from your daily skincare regime. Ideal for, severe dry skin, callouses, psoriasis and dark under eye circles.

At Epsom Skin Clinics we carry the whole range of Neostrata Products. To find out which products will benefit your skin concerns come in for a complimentary product assessment with one of our aesthetic therapists.




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