About Us

Epsom Skin Clinic is a family business set up by Dr Steventon and Matthew Barnes in 2004. The team work closely together to create a relaxed atmosphere where clinical excellence is paramount.

Our client focused approach to medical aesthetics ensures that, regardless of whether your a new or existing client, we are always on hand to manage your evolving personal requirements.

We provide state-of-the-art medical aesthetic procedures, that help reduce signs of aging and give a younger, fresher, healthier look. Our team of medical professionals also specialise in the treatment of many unpleasant and sometimes disfiguring skin conditions for which the NHS does not provide.

The Doctor led team of aesthetic professionals at Epsom Skin Clinic provide state of the art treatments that rejuvenate and enhance your looks. Let our experienced professionals guide you to achieve a younger, fresher, healthier you!

We have the expertise and latest technology to achieve optimum results while always maintaining the highest levels of safety. All of our injectables and laser treatments are performed by our in-house team of experienced practitioners, who will spend the time to devise your very own personal treatment plan for your ever changing needs.

Call today to speak to one of our expert team or to book a free skin assessment.

  • Matthew Barnes

    Managing Director

  • Dr Paul Steventon


    Medical Director

    Dr. Steventon’s considerable experience, skills and academic qualifications make him well suited to be the Medical Director

  • Tom Clancy

    Operations Manager

  • Dr Gillian Carver


    Aesthetic Doctor

    With years of experience in aesthetics, Dr Carver is Known for her light touch and her natural looking results.

  • Dr Jay Chakrabarti

    Aesthetic Doctor

    With her previous exposure to onco-plastic surgery, she is able to combine both aesthetic aspects and surgical skills to create a natural and subtle look.

  • Dr Kapoor

    Aesthetic Doctor

  • Alice Lilley


    Aesthetic Injector

  • Dr Roisin McHugh

    Aesthetic Doctor & GP Dermatologist

    Dr McHugh has a keen interest in the skin and dermatology and she completed the Cardiff diploma in practical dermatology in 2006.

  • Dr Roisin McHugh

    Aesthetic Doctor & GP Dermatologist

    Naomi qualified with a NVQ Level 3 in Beauty in 2008 and has a keen interest in Laser Tattoo Removal.

  • Dr Pearce

    Aesthetic Dermatology Doctor

  • Nikki Davies

  • Mr Maytham

  • Helen Williams

  • Mr Geoffery Wilson

    Plastic Surgeon

    Mr G R Wilson has over 25 years experience as a Plastic Surgeon, specialising in reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and hand surgery

  • Hannah Biggle

    Aesthetic Therapist

    I have been part of the Epsom Skin Clinics team since May 2018. I perform a lot of laser hair removal treatments. Its a very rewarding treatment as you see amazing results through the clients journey with us. All my clients wish they had started sooner.

  • Jacki Casey

    Part time Aesthetic Therapist

    I'm Jacqui and I have been a therapist for 8 years, 3 of which have been with Epsom Skin Clinics. The continual developments in the aesthetic industry means that we can use a range of different practices that can change the skin and I love helping my clients achieve their goals. The technology we have in the clinic is results driven. My favourite treatments are lasers and the Obagi Homecare for pigmentation and anti-ageing. The results are amazing and make my clients feel confident in their skin.

  • Grace Curtis

    Full time Aesthetic therapist

    I have been part of the epsom skin clinics team for 5 years. I really enjoy doing tattoo removal as I get to see the visible results over the course of my clients treatments. I have had some brilliant results for clients over the years.

  • Abbey James

    Part time Aesthetic therapist

    My name is Abbey I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years and have worked at Epsom skin Clinics for 4 years. My passion is anything to do with skin and my favourite treatments are skin peels as I have seen some amazing results in these treatments. My favourite ever product is the Neostrata foaming glycolic wash it has helped to unclog my pores and gently exfoliate my skin leaving me with a nice glow.

  • Charlotte Lewis

    Aesthetic Therapist

    My name is charlotte and I have been working at Epsom skin clinics for 6 years. One of my favourite and newest treatments is hydrafacial. This skin treatment is becoming a popular option for many clients looking to brightenand refresh their skin. With six treatments in one and the luxury of an hours rest on the bed, hydrafacial is the perfect option for boosting your skin over these, cold, winter months.

  • Nicole Parmeter

    Full time Aesthetic therapist and cool sculpting specialist

    I have been working at Epsom Skin clinics for 5 years. Coolsculpting is one of our newest treatments here at the clinic and im thoroughly enjoying it. We have already had some great results back from the clients so far. With its fat freezing technology its perfect to help you get ready for summer and imporve those stubborn areas.

  • Kirsten Twaddell

    Part time Aesthetic therapist

    I have been with the clinic since 2017. I highly recommend the microdermabrasion. It makes my clients skin look really clear and fresh. It is great for all skin types and a course of 3 is recommended for best results.

  • Chloe Young

    Full time Aesthetic therapist

    My name is Chloe im one of the aesthetic therapists that work at The Epsom skin clinics. I have worked here for 13 years. My favourite treatment to do is Exilis which can break down small pockets of fat and target cellulite on the body. It targets loose skin on the face but if the skin is too loose, I work closely with our plastic surgeon Mr Wilson. He performs mini face lifts and can also do upper blephs, eyebrow hitches and advanced threads using Silhouette soft.

  • Danielle Young

    Aesthetic Manager - Epsom

    Hi my name is Danielle I am one of the therapists at Epsom Skin Clinics.I have worked for the company since it opened in 2004. I qualified as a beauty therapist in 2003 from the London school of beauty and makeup. I really enjoy my job and love helping my clients look and feel better about their skin. One of my favourite treatments to do is the Hydrafacial, the results are great and can be tailor made to the clients concerns. I am also one of the Coolsculpting specialists at the clinic and love doing these treatments. My go to product that I couldnt live without is the Neostrata tri-lifting serum. My skin looks and feels amazing. I always use an spf 50 heliocare product to protect the skin from harmful, damaging uv rays to keep my skin looking young.

  • Lily Benson

    Full time receptionist

    I have been at the clinic for nearly 5 years. The treatment i love the most is hydraacial as it is very relaxing and my skin feels amazing after. I highly recommend Revitalsh. I have used it for the recommended time of 4 weeks to get full results and i have used it for nearly 3 years now just as maintenance.

  • Marcelle Botting

    Part time receptionist

    My name is Marcelle and I have been a receptionist at Epsom Skin Clinics for 3 years. Over the years I have tried most of the treatments we offer but my favourite is the Hydrafacial. The treatment has 6 steps which include lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, a skin peel to remove dead skin cells and a hydration stage which nourishes the skin. Having this facial once a month keeps my skin feeling clean and looking glowy.

  • Olivia Day

    Part time receptionist

    Ive been a receptionist at Epsom skin Clinics for 7 months. During this time I have tried lots of teatments that we have to offer. My personal favourite is lader hair removal, it makes life a lot easier not having to wory about shaving/waxing. I would recommend the neostrata daily peel pads to anyone concerned with skin texture. Overtime my skin has become smoother and softer.

  • Rose Pyett

    Part time receptionist

    I have been working at Epsom Skin Clinic for almost a year now and have learnt so much. I really enjoy helping our clients and seeing them leave with a smile after their treatments. I have recently had a course of TCA peel with our nurse Alice for pigmentation and dull looking skin. They were absolutely brilliant and have improved my concerns. You can have them every 6 months, I would definately have them again. I keep on top of keeping my skin looking its best by using the foaming glycolic wash from the neostrata range.

  • Alison Wenlock

    Part time receptionist

    I have been with the clinic since 2003. My go to product would always be the obagi hydrate. It absorbs into the skin beautifully, leaving it feeling super smooth and glowing. Everyone I have recommended it to has been converted and loves it too.

  • Emma Whibley

    Part time receptionist

    My name is Emma and I have been a receptionist at the Epsom Skin Clinics for a number of years now. During my time at the clinic there has been lots of great changes to our brochure and there is always a buzz in the air when a new treatment is introduced. This has never been more true than recently with the addition of cool sculpting to the clinic. I am really looking to try this out myself. My favourite treatment to have is definitely a hydrafacial. This just leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and with an amazing healthy glow.

  • Karen Whibley

    Part time receptionist

    I have been working at Epsom Skin Clinic for 7 years as a part time receptionist. One of my favourite treatments I like to have are the neostrata peels. They make my skin feel really clean and refreshed. I try to have one every month along with using the homecare neostrata products to keep my skin youthful and revitalised.

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