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Mini Facelift


One of Mr Wilson’s most popular procedures, the mini face lift is ideal for people that don’t feel they need or want a full face lift. The procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic with minimal potential complications or downtime.

The results of the procedure provide a more defined jaw line and lifting of early jowls plus improve the contour immediately under the chin with some softening of lower face lines.

What is involved?

The procedure under local anaesthetic takes approximately 2 hrs.  An incision is made in front, around and behind the ear and the skin is gently lifted. The underlying SMAS (muscle layer) is lifted and tightened using dissolving stitches, excess skin is then removed and the wounds are closed with a fine buried stitch.  A light dressing is applied and removed the following morning.

Is the procedure right for you?

The Mini Face Lift procedure is suitable for people who have early jowls and loose skin on the lower face who wish to restore a more youthful triangle face shape and improve the jaw line, Ideal for those looking for a natural but worthwhile subtle change to the face.

What are the limitations?

The procedure is designed to improve the contours of the lower face, it will not improve the lower 2/3rds of the neck or remove facial lines or change skin quality.  Lower facial lines may soften.

The effect of the Mini Face Lift lasts for around 5-7+ years, dependent on your skin quality, lifestyle and genetic aging pattern.

What are the potential side effects?

After the procedure some patients experience a degree of discomfort requiring prescribed analgesic, which will be supplied.  There will be scars which in most patients fade in time to fine white lines, and can often be hidden by your hair. The ears can be swollen and uncomfortable for a week or so, however bruising in usually minimal.

The first review of the procedure is at 6 weeks, once everything has settled.  It’s important to remember that the final results will not be fully realised until 3-6 months

Risks and complications are minimal and will be fully explained at consultation.

Mr Wilson does not operate on active smokers – for the best possible surgical outcome patients need to be in a good state of health and commit to not smoking post surgery for a minimum of 6 weeks




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