Therapy Led Treatments In Our 40's

Advanced Facials

Having got through the busiest time of our lives your skin deserves to look and feel amazing and the best way to achieve great results is by treating yourself to regular professional facial treatments guaranteed to give you your glow back. We have one of the biggest ranges of medical facial treatments in Surrey including laser facials such as the Fotona 4D Facelift  or exclusive Q-Tone Pigmentation treatment and advanced facial treatments such as the hydrating multi stage Hydrafacial and medical grade Skin Peels,


Skin Damage

A lot of us in our 40's will have accumulated small areas of damage to the skin which will often be in the form of small broken capillaries or thread veins. Lots of clients live are quite surprised to hear that these can very easily be treated with laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment. 


Unwanted Hair

40 is not too late to start a course of laser hair removal for Unwanted Hair which reduces the hair by 80% and is a great way for us to save time with constant waxing and shaving.


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