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What is it like adjusting to the clinics new normal

Nicole, Bodysculpting Specialist

How does it feel to back treating clients at the clinic?

It feels good to get a routine back in place, it’s been nice to catch up with regular clients and welcome new clients

What’s it like adjusting to the new safeguarding measures?

It was weird at first but it now it just feels completely normal and just part of the daily routine.

What are the top concerns you’re seeing?

There have been more consultations for Exilis facial skin tightening but we are also serving a lot of clients who had missed having treatments done from courses of general skin treatments.

What’s the client feedback been like?

Happy we’re open again excited to come back and get treatments they are pleased with the way all the procedures are set up, the odd person doesn’t like wearing a mask but respect the rules we have in place for everyone’s safety and the majority are fine and happy were open.


Alice, Nurse Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler Injector

How does it feel to be reunited with your clients?

I felt lost without my clients, because I felt like I was lacking a purpose and missing my work routine,  so it feels really nice to be back seeing clients again.

What’s it like adjusting to the new safeguarding measures?

It is actually very straight forward and a clear process, I think it actually makes everything run more smoothly and good for peace of mind both for me and the clients.

What’s the client feedback been like?

Its been good, I think they’ve felt confident coming back to us, we cant do hugs but I think we still feel here for each other.

Has there been a big change in treatment plans post lock down?

I think people have had more time at home to research and think about what they want to achieve from treatments so are a more inclined to try new things.

What were the video consults like and will you continue to offer them?

The video consults were brilliant because you can come up with a clear plan which allows you to run appointments more efficiently and it was nice feeling prepared going in to what you’re doing.

What’s it like seeing your colleagues

Yeah, its really nice having human interaction again other than close family.


Hannah, Aesthetic Therapist

How does it feel to back treating clients at the clinic?

It’s been great, I’ve felt safe and everything has run really smoothly, I’m glad that we’ve seen no problems, no complaints and I feel very safe so it’s all been very positive despite the fact I was a little nervous coming back because I hadn’t seen people in ages.

What are the top common concern with clients?

The top concern we’ve seen is breakouts where people are wearing masks and the skin is dehydrated. During lockdown people have upped the alcohol and bad food so it’s time for detox and deep cleanse. Hair regrowth [on clients undergoing hair removal treatments]  has responded well to the first and second treatments since lockdown so the results are going back quickly which is really good.

What treatments and products are you recommending?

I would recommend peels and Hydrafacial’s, they are suited to everyone to re hydrate and cleanse the skin. In terms of products the Neostrata refine range is great for clients experiencing oily and spotty skin from the effects of masks and hot weather.

What’s the client feedback been like?

Its been really good, clients have been feeling comfortable, no anxiety – chatting through treatments, all been positive and everyone can’t wait to get back into courses and the treatments we recommend.


Sienna, Front Of House

Have you enjoyed having the full team back?

Yes, very much so, its been nice to get the team back together.

How are clients responding to screening / entry checks.

Overall very positive and it makes clients feel like they’re in a safe environment. They like the fact we are taking things seriously!

What’s it been like seeing the clinic with clients back?

Yes, very nice to see the clinic getting back to normality with patient confidence in coming back getting stronger every week.

Are the Covid measures still easy to observe with a team?

Yes, very much so. We all keep our distance, stick to our own areas and work well as a team to keep the safety measures in place!

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