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Loose, sagging skin is a top concern for many of our clients at the clinic so we asked aesthetic therapist and body sculpting expert Nicole to give us some top tips for loose and sagging skin.


My ultimate guide to sagging skin is to protect it!

Good daily skin care and using sun protection everyday, all year round! Yes, all year round, not just when your on holiday.

UVA rays are present the whole year round through the clouds, and although these rays won’t burn your skin, they will age it.

For the inside of your bodies, keep hydrated and eat plenty of healthy foods to keep skin looking and feeling fresh.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and sun exposure too as these will all age the skin prematurely.


Can a non invasive face lift exist?

YES it can!

Our faces are responsible for revealing most tell tale signs of ageing.

Natural ageing causes our skin to lose volume and elasticity, adding gravity to this leads to folds, sagging as and unwanted lines and wrinkles. Going down the route of non invasive treatments can help turn back the clock to reveal softer plumper skin and improve the signs of ageing avoiding major downtime.

Having treatments that include Radio frequency like our Exilis package and our Fotona 4d laser treatments will help rejuvenate the skin from inside out, stimulating collagen production  firming the skin and giving a natural lift as well as helping to tighten the inside cheek muscles and smooth crepyness.

Botox and filler will also help give the skin a more youthful appearance that can be done alone or alongside these rejuvenating facials for best results.

Botox helps improve fine lines and wrinkles and filler is used to add where volume loss has occurred through natural ageing, sun exposure and life style.


Top Products

If I had to pick my favourite products to help fight against sagging it’s definitely the following –

Obagi gentle cleanser x2 daily to ensure my skin is clean.

Neo strata Tri therapy lifting serum to help plump and firm.

Obagi Retinol 1% a couple times a week to speed up my cell renewal and always always Heliocare SPF 50 everyday to protect!

Neostrata Tri Therapy Lifting Serum £87 - Now available for home delivery

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