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Wanting to try something new for your skin but wondering what’s out there? We’ve launched three of the latest laser skin treatments to hit the market including FracTat, Q-Tone facial and Carbon laser facials.

Q-Tone Facial

The Q-Tone facial is a brand new advanced skin toning treatment. This is the perfect facial for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin at the same time as treating areas of photo damaged skin.

From red patches to irregular hyper-pigmentation, this facial treatment uses advanced laser technology to penetrate deep into the skin. Once pigmentation has been targeted, the laser is adjusted causing a deep dermal heating effect which stimulates the formation of elastin resulting in a firmer more even looking skin tone.

The team cant wait to bring this treatment to the clinic as those lucky enough to have a preview have seen amazing results.

Carbon Laser Facial

The carbon laser facial is the latest beauty trend sweeping social media. Often referred to as the Hollywood facial, it is the go to celebrity endorsed treatment for smoother, firmer, clearer looking skin.

The treatment begins with a thin layer of carbon being applied directly to the skin, the carbon penetrates deep into the skin absorbing impurities including excess oil and dead skin cells. When the laser then passes over the skin it destroys the carbon along with all the impurities. Heat from the laser produced during the treatment has a cleansing effect which removes the bacteria responsible for acne and shrinks the sebaceous glands reducing oil production. The process also stimulates collagen production resulting in a firmer more refined looking skin.

Although this is known as a facial, the clinic will be offering the treatment on other areas of the body including neck and back making this the perfect treatment to help you feel body confident this summer.


Brand new to the market, FracTAT is the latest method in tattoo removal delivering results much faster than traditional tattoo removal. Not only are results quicker but recovery time is also significantly reduced making this the best treatment available for removing unwanted tattoos.

During the treatment a fractional handpiece is passed over the area, as it passes it drills micro channels into the skin which destroy tattoo pigment. This method allows gas, steam and pigment to be released without breaking the skin structure which reduces the risk of blistering and scarring and speeds up the removal process.

The treatment can be used on any tattoo, so if you have previously been turned down for removal because of the shape, colour or size of your tattoo then fracTAT could be the perfect solution.

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