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Maskne prevention guide

With the new ‘normal’ now being mandatory to wear face coverings in shops, on public transport and at work, it’s no wonder our skin is suffering, with such a huge lifestyle change, of course it’s having a big impact on our skin too.

“Maskne” – mask-induced acne.

Wearing a protective face covering for long periods of time is resulting in the skin around the mouth, chin and jaw line to become irritated, chafed and prone to blemishes.

Maskne is a tricky one to treat considering wearing a mask is a big part of our everyday lives, but there are things we can do to help.

The Cause

Wearing our masks for long periods of time causes chafing, which results in the skin losing water, becoming weak and allowing bacteria in.

Meanwhile our breath is trapped beneath the masks creating a warm sweaty environment, which accelerates the oil production leading to clogged pores and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria creating breakouts and inflamed skin.

Managing symptoms

Trying to get maskne under control will require you to wear a clean face covering every day and change it after a few hours if wearing for long periods at a time, if wearing a reusable fabric mask ensure you wash every day after use and to dry completely before wearing again.

This essential hygiene will help reduce bacteria build up, we also strongly suggest to avoid wearing makeup and stick to products that are going to help strengthen the skins barrier and protect it during mask wearing.

Double cleansing the face is always recommended for sufficient cleaning but try adding a salicylic cleanser a few times week as this has anti-inflammatory properties as well help with sebum control to help with clogged pores and bacteria build up.

Neostrata Clarifying cleanser,

A cleanser that contains Salicylic and Mandelic acid to gently wash away excess oil and problematic bacteria and sooth inflammatory acne, whilst being soap free and fragrance free.

Acne is a skin barrier disorder, when the barrier is compromised overuse of exfoliating treatments or skin peels will make it worse, that’s why we suggest:

Neostrata Bionic Face Serum

This is to be applied am and pm after cleansing, before moisturising, the high strength 10% bionic serum is designed to create a protective layer, contains PHA a potent antioxidant to help replenish the skins moisture barrier and protect against environmental factors.

The gentle acids in these products will help to exfoliate without aggravating your skin, the last thing you want to be doing is harshly scrubbing your face, the extra friction will just make breakouts spread and increase redness.

Obagi Hydrate

This moisturiser provides long-term moisture protection and is suitable for all skin types.
Contains Hydromanil, a multi-action agent derived from tara seed, known to gradually deliver moisture to skin as well as Shea butter, mango butter and avocado oil to combat dryness. If dryness is a real issue why not try Hydrate Luxe.

We need to take it slow with our skin and be gentle when treating acne, it’s important to be progressive not aggressive.

Why not come and see us for a light Glycolic acid skin peel to help treat and calm inflammation and brighten the skin.

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