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As part of any Exilis body course package you will receive
some Home care products to prep a week or so before you start treatment and to continue use throughout to maximise results and keep skin looking its best.

This is the first step recommended for your entire body for best results or you can just concentrate on the area you are having Exilis on, this should be done for a few minutes up to twice a day on dry skin prior to a bath/shower.

The brushing helps remove dead skin cells and ingrown hairs for skin that feels smoother, the massage is said to help boost circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system – the vessels beneath your skin that help the body detoxify, which will be an extra helping hand as Exilis does this too. Its devotees claim, results in everything from glowing skin to an energy boost, improvement in the appearance of cellulite, water retention and skin texture.

This is the second step to do to all over the body especially to the area/areas being treated with Exilis.
The all over body exfoliator polishes skin to a gorgeous silky smoothness, retextures and loosens dull, dead skin and promotes exfoliation which stimulates cell renewal to reveal glowing, radiant skin.
• Refreshes & invigorates
• Polishes uneven texture
• Formulated to improve texture & tone
Key ingredient – Gluconolactone PHA – exfoliates, moisturizes and
is an antioxidant.
Vitamin A – improves elasticity.

The third and final step targets the signs of ageing with a unique combination of proven anti-agers formulated specifically for the body, restoring youthful firmness, tone and a more contoured appearance.

The special roller ball applicator gently massages skin, stimulating circulation while delivering a high potency firming body treatment.
Key ingredients – NeoGlucosamine, CitraFill and AminolFil target collagen and cushion skins matrix, creating a supportive, firming network for the body.
Surface texture appears tighter, more toned and an added dose of stimulating Pure Caffeine helps smooth and refine body contours.

All these products included for free with every course of Exilis treatment.* 

Terms and Conditions 

Clients will be provided with one of each of the home care products free of charge with the purchase of any course of BTL Exilis Ultra Body Treatment. These products will only be supplied once. Should you wish to continue using the products once they have run out, you will be obliged to purchase them at the retail rate.

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