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Non-invasive body sculpting treatments are fast becoming the most popular choice for men wanting to get rid of unwanted fat. With quick results and zero downtime it’s not hard to see why so many guys wanting to tone up their ‘Dad Bods’ are signing up for these express treatments. Here are the top five reasons Coolsculpting is so popular for men.


1. Zero Downtime

Coolsculpting helps you reach your body goals quickly, without the long and painful recovery time associated with surgery. Through a process of eliminating fat from the outside in, treatment does not involve any surgery this means zero downtime from work, gym or nights out with your mates.


2. Treatment Areas

Coolsculpting can treat most areas of the body, including; abdomen, legs, arms and even the chin making it a popular treatment to remove fat  from these areas and allow you to focus more on muscle building than cardio.


3. Body Confidence

Body confidence affects us all, male celebrity endorsements for these treatments are helping encourage men to seek treatment. From pro golfer Ian Poulter, to political broadcaster Nick Ferrari, results are showing that everyone can benefit from non invasive weight loss treatment.


4. Price

Treatment is very cost effective in comparison to the cost of fat reduction surgery. At Epsom Skin Clinics, we can also help finance your procedure, from 0% finance to paying for treatment in intervals we can generally find a payment plan that suits your finances.


5. Results

After just a few weeks, men will see dramatic results with compete changes to body shape and definition, when booked in for treatment at Epsom Skin Clinics, we will have a full consultation with a body sculpting specialist who will discuss exactly what it is you want to achieve and put a treatment plan in place to get the best results.

Want to find out more? Come to our Coolsculpting Event for Men on Thursday 6th June from 4pm to watch live demonstrations, have a mini consultation and get exclusive event offers.

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