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Laser hair removal’s one of our most popular treatments, relieving clients from the seemingly endless shaving, waxing, plucking and pulling but what do you need to consider before having the treatment? We asked our cosmetic laser experts to put together a list of the must have information for you to make an informed decision.


1. Laser hair removal can be performed on any area of the body (almost) 

The only area we don’t recommend hair removal treatment is around the eyes as although you will be wearing protective glasses during treatment, we can’t take risks with the powerful laser light. The most common areas to treat include legs, bikini line and underarms but we do also offer a full body package.


2.You will require a patch test before treatment

All our laser treatments require you to have a patch test. Often we get requests from clients who’ve had the treatment at another clinic and want to skip the patch test however there are a range of lasers on the market and we use a powerful medical grade Fotona laser so we have to make sure your skin will respond to the laser without causing any damage to your skin.


3. Laser treatments should only be carried out by a qualified professional

You may have heard horror stories of people getting severe burns from laser treatment. Powerful lasers can cause considerable damage when not used by professionals who have been trained to use them and, as there are a number of different lasers on the market, the training they’ve received must be dedicated to that specific laser. Our in house house training manager is dedicated to maintaining our status as experts in cosmetic laser treatments, regularly reviewing and updating the training for our therapists.


4. You will experience an increased level of sensitivity to sunlight after treatment

If you don’t follow the recommendations both before and after treatment, you’ll leave your skin vulnerable to sun damage, we advise all clients having hair removal treatment to avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight or sunbeds for two weeks before and after treatment. We always recommend using an SPF 50+ effective against UVB and UVA rays such as the heliocare range.


5. Laser hair removal can be expensive

In the long run laser hair removal saves you money and time as you no longer need expensive and painful waxing treatments however it does require an initial investment. To help keep costs down we offer a 30% discount on courses of three treatments and 40% on courses of six.

We also have a range of flexible payment options such our 0% finance deals and Go Cardless payments which allow you to budget and spread the costs of your treatment.


6. The number of treatments required varies from person to person

Before having laser hair removal treatment, you’ll have a free 45 minute consultation with one of our aesthetic therapists trained in laser hair removal. Once you’ve been assessed they’ll advise you of how responsive they think you’ll be to treatment and tell you how many treatments they recommend for your hair type. There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment after this consultation.


7. You’ll require maintenance treatments

The average client will see a 48% reduction in hair growth after three treatments and up to an 80% lasting reduction after 8 to 12 treatments but results will vary from person to person. After you’ve completed a series of 4 to 6 treatments, any remaining hair will usually be finer and lighter in colour. Most clients require one or two touch-up treatments per year.


8. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you cannot be treated 

We have a duty of care to protect the safety of our clients and for that reason we do not treat pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. As well as being for your safety, hormonal changes can impact your hair during this period so it is always best to stick to shaving or waxing during this time.


9. Most people find it much less painful than waxing

Sensitivity to this treatment varies from person to person, you’ll be able to experience the sensation during your patch test so you’ll get a good idea of how it will feel. Most people find the treatment feels like a little rubber band is pinging against the skin.


10. You cannot use fake tan before treatment

Not only does it reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, but wearing fake tan can lead to pigmentation damage as the lasers are not able to distinguish between the fake tan and the natural pigment of the skin. We recommend avoiding fake tan at least 2 weeks before each session.

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