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When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, understanding your skin is the best form of defence. With so many different factors causing the ageing process, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. To give you a helping hand we’ve outlined the biggest factors causing us to age and simple steps you can start doing today to prevent the causes of wrinkles.


Sun damage speeds up the rate at which the skin ages and increases the risk of developing dangerous skin conditions. One of the best ways to limit sun damage is to apply sun cream with a high SPF rating every day, this should be done all year round event when it’s cloudy. This very easy step can actually reverse sun damage as blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays gives your immune system time to heal. For daily use, we recommend Heliocare 360 which feels almost invisible on the skin but offers great protection with a SPF rating of 50+.


Of course there’s nothing we can do to change the chronological ageing process however, there are lots of things we can avoid which are known to increase the rate at which we age. This includes obvious things like excessive alcohol and smoking but can also include factors such as stress and anxiety, so finding ways of avoiding stressful situations will not only be good for your emotional wellbeing, but will also benefit the health of your skin.


Defining free radicals can get complicated but the bottom line is they are unavoidable skin damaging pollutants which our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. Responsible for damage to the skin such as discolouration and broken blood vessels, they also break down the production of collagen causing the skin to lose elasticity and firmness. While we can’t avoid free radicals, there are lots of things we can do to remediate our exposure including treatments which deliver antioxidants such our signature Hydrafacial which nourishes the skin with Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic acid.


Our deepest lines form around the areas where repetitive facial movements cause the skin to frequently crease. A good exercise is to stand in front of the mirror and try and make the expressions which cause these creases to happen. If you can pinpoint exactly what’s causing the lines to be pronounced, you can work on limiting these expressions or trying to make them less exaggerated. This is not easy to do so treatments such as Botox and Dermal fillers are the perfect solution as not only do they smooth existing creases out but, when administered correctly, they help limit new creases from forming.


Hormonal changes cause havoc with our skin, from acne breakouts to excessive oil production we are constantly up against our hormonal cycle and we never quite know what it will throw at us next. Having said that, the one thing that is usually reliable is the pattern that our hormonal cycle follows. To put you at an advantage, we recommend making general observations of your skin for a period of about three months alongside tracking your cycle. This might be a lot of effort in the short run, but if you get to know your skin to this level of detail it will pay off as being able to predict when your skin is likely to go through a change will allow you to book relevant treatments or switch up your skincare to prepare your skin before the transition. Deep exfoliating treatments like a Dermaplaning Facial is the perfect treatment to have if you know a breakout is on the horizon!

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