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Infection control update

We wanted to go through some of the latest infection control measures we have introduced over the last few weeks to ensure that as a highly regulated medical clinic, we have the most stringent safeguarding measures in place to protect our staff and patients whilst visiting the clinic

In the majority of our treatment rooms, we have fitted LG air conditioning units that have NEO-Plasma technology. The units disintegrate the smallest particles which cannot be seen with naked eye with the magnetic field formed on the unit and purifies the air.

When the Neo Plasma is activated, the electric current on the unit is effective against the 0.1 micron sized particles. With the help of Neo Plasma technology, the ambient air becomes free of dust, odour, mould, pollen, smoke particles and bacteria.

In our Minor Operation suite, we have added Rensair! Originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals, the Rensair patented solution uses the most advanced air purification technology. Each air purifier consists of a germicidal ozone-free UVC light placed in the centre of a cylindrical high-quality H13 HEPA filter. This captures and also inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped on the filter surface.

Rensair cleans up to 560 m³ air per hour meaning that the air in the surgical suite is cleaned 10 times per hour!

For some higher risk treatments and where patients will be required to remove their face covering, we will be asking them to rinse with ORAWIZE.

The unique mouthwash has been developed to both reduce the risk posed by aerosol generating procedures during treatments. The active ingredient in Orawize, Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), is part of a group of small molecules known as reactive oxygen species (ROS); and is the same chemical produced by the human immune defence system to kill bacteria and viruses whilst fighting infection

If you have any questions regarding our safeguarding measures please do get in touch with the team today!

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