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A day in the life of a nurse injector

I have worked as an aesthetic Nurse at the Epsom skin Clinic for 13 years now . My day typically starts at 09:30am . I usually get into the clinic half an hour early to prepare for my day ahead. I look at my diary to see which treatments I have booked in and organise my room with the products I will need for my clients. My days are quite varied and often consist of a combination of Anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin booster treatments and micro sclerotherapy – which treats thread veins on the legs. I will also see new clients for consultations and follow ups from previous treatments. I can see anywhere from 5 to 12 clients in one clinic session.

Each client I see has individual needs and we will come up with a treatment plan together to suit them. The consultation process is very important do discover what the client’s expectations are, what they would like to improve and how we can make their budget work for them. I will spend time educating my clients in the ageing process and why we use certain treatments/products to treat certain needs. Eg. Anti wrinkle injections to reduce movement and soften lines at the forehead, but dermal filler at the lower face to improve support and replace volume at the cheek area.

I will also stress the importance of using good skincare to fight the signs of ageing and prevent UV damage. I am lucky enough to work in a large skin clinic with many other practitioners who specialise in a variety of skin treatments eg, laser, skin peels, dermal needling so I can refer over to them too for a more holistic skin approach which will give the client even better results when combined with injectable treatments.

Many of my clients are regulars who I have been treating for a number of years. We have built up a good relationship and trust in that time. Clients feel happy to come back to me, confident that I understand their skin concerns and will work with them to achieve a natural , fresh outcome. A lot of people I treat don’t want their friends or family to know that they have injectable treatments, so subtly is the key. They want people to think that they look ‘well’ or ‘fresh’ without knowing the reason behind it!

My days are filled with questions and concerns from my clients and it is my job to put them at ease, while putting together treatment plans and performing treatments that make them feel more confident in their appearance when they leave the clinic.

Everyday is so different and every client is so different. That is why my job never gets boring and why I love it.

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