Vascular Lesions

Redness and Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting the face. The characteristic skin lesion; redness, visible blood vessels, papules and pustules appear in the middle of the face. Rosacea is a relapsing condition, which means there are periods when symptoms are particularly bad, but less severe at others. You may also notice small spider veins. Also known as Telangiectasia, this is a condition in which broken or widened small blood vessels that sit near the surface of the skin create visible patterns of lines

    Cherry Angiomas

    A cherry angioma (also known as a Campbell de Morgan spot) is often bright red, circular or oval in shape, and small. This type of skin growth is typically not a cause for concern unless it bleeds often or changes in size, shape, or colour, or removal is wanted for cosmetic purposes.

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