*NEW* Video Consultations

What is a video consultation?

Video consultations give you the opportunity to discuss your specific skin concerns with an aesthetic practitioner without having to physically come to the clinic. As well as discussing your concerns and giving you answers to your questions, your practitioner will guide you through relevant questions to help build a bespoke treatment plan that will give you the best results for your particular concern.

What are the different types of consultation?

Dermatology Consultations

If you have a skin concern you would like to discuss with a specialist dermatology Doctor then this is the right consultation for you. This would include any unusual lumps and bumps, moles which have changed in appearance, or flare ups of existing or new skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis.

Injectable Consultation

If you are considering injectable treatments for the first time or are wondering if you need to change your current treatment plan then a consultation with one of our Doctor injectors will help get answers to your specific concerns for all our injectable treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, profhilo bio-remodelling and radiesse hand rejuvenation.

Therapist Consultation

If you are a new client looking to start therapist treatments or are an existing client and want to review you current treatment plan then this will give you an opportunity to discuss your concerns with a specialist aesthetic therapist who can advise you on any of our therapy based treatments including advanced facial and laser treatments.