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Rosacea / Redness

Rosacea is estimated to affect 3% of the population. It is a condition which leads to many of our clients asking, “Why is my skin so red?” 

Rosacea is a form of skin redness/flushing typically seen across the cheeks, nose and forehead. Although the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, some theories include bacterial imbalances, autoimmune conditions and dietary intolerances. The most common cause is that it occurs as a result of abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face. These vessels become hyper-responsive to external triggers including; sun exposure, hot foods, caffeine or alcohol.

There are 4 grades of rosacea, starting with mild flushing of the skin which can progress to permanent redness with stinging sensations and sore pustules. 

While Rosacea cannot be cured as such, symptoms can certainly be eliminated. Our new package is designed to combat all the symptoms of Rosacea. 

Laser Treatment

We use a 3 stage Nd:Yag treatment to effectively treat individual thread veins as well as background redness. The light is absorbed by the red haemoglobin in the blood contained within the vein. The energy builds up quickly turning to heat and cauterising the vein causing it to collapse. We then pass over the whole area of the face creating controlled damage in the deeper layers of the skin, which triggers a healing response resulting in increased cellular renewal. 

Skin Peels 

We use a Mandelic Acid based skin peel in this package. This is an alpha hydroxy acid that acts as an exfoliating solution without triggering redness. It is known to be antibacterial and antiviral, and also helps to encourage vascular turnover and regeneration while suppressing reddening skin chemical reactions.


LED Phototherapy is the application of beneficial wavelengths into the skin’s deepest layers to energise our cells with proven rejuvenating results. For this package we specifically use a combination of Red and Near Infrared Light. Red light supercharges our cell energy accelerating cell renewal, boosting collagen and elastin synthesis and increasing hydration levels for a smoother, more youthful and revitalised complexion.

Near Infrared light is absorbed in the skins deepest layers and increases oxygen and nutrients to accelerate repair, calm irritation and build strength and integrity for sensitive skin conditions.


Designed to work from the inside out this supplement contains lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as bromelain from pineapples. It also has Vitamins A, B, C, D & E and zinc & selenium which, if deficient in your body, are known to make conditions such as Rosacea worse.

Restore Homecare products

This range of products contain Bionic and Polyhydroxy Acids which are designed to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and help keep the skin well hydrated whilst reducing irritation. Because polyhydroxy acids are skin friendly and non-irritating, the Restore range is particularly suited for sensitive skin, including patients' rosacea.  

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