Marionette & Smile Line Filler

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Marionette & Smile Line Filler

Marionette and Smile Line Filler

Marionette and Smile lines are two areas of your lower face which experience the deepest set lines and are a common area of concern for our clients at the clinic. A combination of factors make your lower face prone to harsh ageing including muscle laxity, fat loss and most commonly the appearance of thick set lines from the creases caused by facial expressions. Botox treatment helps to reduce movement in the area as well as improving the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles however, very deep set lines require the density and subsequent volume that filler can provide to smooth these lines out.

How does it work?

Our Doctor and Nurse injectors use a range of Juvederm Dermal fillers, which are made up of hyaluronic acid to create natural and elegant results while improving hydration, stimulating the production of collagen, and even maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Trained specifically in techniques of advanced anti ageing, your practitioner will select the right products to inject into these targeted areas to add volume and smoothen deep set facial creases.

What results can I expect?

These two areas are usually the most deep set lines on the face, when the correct product of filler from our juvederm range is used, these lines can be completely smoothed. You can discuss combining this treatment with Botox injections which serve as a preventative measure but the intervals and combinations of treatments will need to be discussed with your Doctor or Nurse practitioner.

What is the recovery period like?

Most possible side effects are related to the action of injecting the skin, not the product itself. These include: redness, minor swelling, itching, tenderness around the injection site and potential lumps in the treated area. Our skilled Doctor and Nurse injectors are specifically trained in practices which keep these side effects to a minimum which include injecting technique and facial massaging.

Will I need a consultation?

Our practitioners will always provide a consultation before treatment, but if you have had filler treatment before you can usually have the treatment during the same appointment. Consultations are vital to our aesthetic medical professionals understanding exactly what you want to achieve and putting a treatment plan in place to get you the results you deserve. You can find more information about our consultations on our injector consultation page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Marionette and smile line filler treatments start from £325. The total cost of the treatment depends on the type and amount of filler used, this will be determined by your treatment plan. We have a range of finance options which can be discussed at your consultation.

How long does it take?

We recommend you allow one hour for your treatment to give you plenty of time however the procedure usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Is the procedure painful?

We all have different tolerance levels of pain so some people experience minor discomfort while others are more sensitive; however you can use a numbing cream at home before coming in for your treatment. Our injectors will tell you about your options for this at your consultation.

What filler products do you use?

We use the Juvederm range, your Doctor or Nurse practitioner will select the best product or combination of products in the range for your treatment. Juvederm is the number one most popular filler with Doctor and Nurse injectors and is praised for its natural looking results. If you are used to something different you can mention this at your consultation and our Doctor and Nurse injectors will be able to discuss the different end results with you.

How long will the filler last?

We recommend treatment intervals of 6 months although results can last longer than this depending on factors including the area of the filler treatment, your lifestyle and aftercare.

How qualified are your injectors?

Five of our dermal filler injectors are fully qualified Doctors and we have a sixth injector who is a qualified Nurse. All six injectors receive frequent dedicated training sessions in the latest techniques in dermal filler injections including sessions dedicated to achieving natural results in individual areas of the face.

What are the risks?

The most common risk is swelling and bruising however our injectors use techniques to keep this to a minimum and will also advise you on the correct aftercare to ensure you recover quickly. More severe complications are very rare and the potential risk is low however our Doctor led team are trained to detect the signs of complications and have the right facilities and equipment to be able to respond quickly to any medical emergencies should they arise.

Will I have a follow up?

Yes, all our clients receive a free of charge follow up consultation 4 weeks after treatment, this will be with the same Doctor or Nurse injector you were treated with. Should you have concerns about your treatment our front of house team will work with you to bring your consultation forward.

What happens if something goes wrong?

All of our Doctor and Nurse injectors are fully qualified and trained to identify complications which prevent medical emergencies from happening. Should a complication arise during or after your treatment our team are on hand and have the facilities and equipment to be able to provide you with emergency medical assistance.

Will the results look natural?

Many of our clients come to us wanting to make small alterations rather than dramatic changes, we dedicate a lot of resources into making sure we can achieve natural results for our clients including dedicated training sessions for our Doctor and Nurse injectors into methods to achieve natural results and fine details along with careful product selection ensuring we use filler products which are specifically designed to produce a natural look.

Why don’t you use collagen?

The filler products we use are based on hyaluronic acid rather than collagen. Hyaluronic acid contains naturally hydrating properties, these promote a faster healing time than collagen. In addition to this, results from Hyaluronic acid based fillers can be seen immediately and tend to last longer before being reabsorbed into the body. Hyaluronic acid also promotes the natural production of collagen so collagen production will increase naturally rather than artificially.

Can filler be removed?

Yes, we provide a treatment called Hyalase, which is designed to fully dissolve filler. The treatment costs £200 and can be administered by one of our Doctor injectors. Please contact us for more information.

Do I have to be over 18?

Yes, we do not treat anyone under the age of 18 for filler treatment as we have a duty of care to make sure the client is making an informed decision.

How much is a consultation?

You will be asked to pay a £50 deposit to secure an initial consultation with one of our Doctor or Nurse injectors. This deposit is fully redeemable against any of our injectable treatments.

Am I suitable for filler treatment?

During your consultation the Doctor or Nurse injector will ask you questions to find out exactly what it is you are looking to achieve from filler treatment both physically and emotionally, if the injector thinks a different treatment would be more effective at getting the results you want, they will discuss this with you and make their recommendations in your treatment plan. They will also ask you relevant questions about your medical history, as our fillers are based on Hyaluronic acid, there are very few health conditions which make you not suitable for treatment but a limited number of conditions such as certain types of diabetes may have an affect on your treatment plan.



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