Dr Nandini Kapoor

About Nandini

An improvement in health, function or appearance can restore confidence and self esteem. This can have a dramatic affect on one's overall well being. This principle forms the foundation of my clinical practice.

My aim is to improve the well being of my patients. I am an advocate of subtlety and maintaining a natural appearance. I graduated from the University of Birmingham, and, soon after obtained a membership to the Royal College of Surgeons. I embarked on the pursuit of a Diploma in Restorative Dentistry to enhance my skills and knowledge.

My interest in cosmetic dentistry naturally lead to the exploration of facial aesthetics. I have completed advance training for the provision of injectable treatments. Reversible injectable treatments, such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, are increasing in popularity as alternatives to surgical treatment.


Dr Nandini's Ethos:

"I firmly believe that subtlety is the key. I want my patients to feel confident about themselves and the treatment provided".


What it's like to be treated by Nandini...

"I was immediately put at ease, everything was explained honestly and perfectly. At no point was I under any pressure at all to have anything done."