dermatology consultation

A Dermatology consultation gives you the chance to address all of your dermatological concerns with a specialist consultant who will perform a full analysis of your skin and provide you with a bespoke treatment plan.

How long is a typical consultation?

You should allow 20 minutes for your appointment in order to address all of your dermatological concerns. 

What will it involve?

We examine your skin thoroughly in order to formulate a diagnosis and provide you with a personalised treatment plan.

What level of analysis are you able to provide?

We are able to biopsy skin lesions for pathological analysis. Samples will be sent off to our local partner laboratory where the team of experienced pathologists process and examine each and every specimen to produce a report for our dermatologists.

Do you have the facility to treat my skin concern at the clinic?

Our state of the art treatment Minor Operation suite enables our Dermatologists to regularly perform removal & biopsies of lesions such as moles, cysts & skin tags.

Dermatology Consultations with our Consultant Dermatologist cost £245  and require a £50 deposit 


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