Chin and Jawline Contouring


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Chin and Jawline Contouring

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Bringing definition to your jawline and volume to your chin are small changes which makes a significant difference to the shape, balance and overall aesthetics of your face. Traditionally the only way to achieve these results would be surgery so we are pleased to be able to offer a non-surgical alternative with a brand new, innovative, dedicated chin and jawline filler Juvederm Volux. All six of our highly skilled Doctor and Nurse injectors - sharing 50 years experience in filler treatments - have received dedicated training in the latest techniques to achieve the best results in chin and jawline enhancement. 

How does it work?

To give our clients the best, natural looking results we use a product from the Juvederm range of fillers called Juvederm Volux. This product works much the same as our standard Juvederm fillers, its hyaluroinic acid composition means it plumps and hydrates your skin, filling fine lines and wrinkles as well as boosting your natural collagen production. However, the thing that makes Volux better suited to chin and jawline filler is its consistency. Volux has a much denser consistency than standard Juvederm filler, this is what allows our injectors to shape, sculpt and contour at the same time as lifting and tightening your skin.

What results can I expect?

With Juvederm Volux, you will be able to see the results immediately after the treatment, and the filler will fully settle two weeks after treatment. As Juvederm Volux is a much denser product, you will be able to maintain the results for an impressive 18 to 24 months. Since introducing the Volux range of treatments our clients have been amazed with the results which include...

  • Shape the face to a classic 'V shape' bringing symmetry and balance to the face. 
  • Strengthening a soft, under defined jawline.
  • Realigning a recessive or weak chin.
  • Softening chin creases caused by natural ageing
  • Re-shape the chin into the desired shape.
  • Lift the skin to remove the appearance of ‘Jowels’
  • Lift and tighten ageing skin to restore youthful appearance.

What is the recovery period like?

Chin and jawline filler is a non surgical treatment and healing time at the site of the injection is usually in just 24hrs. You may experience some slight tenderness, swelling and bruising for up to one week after treatment but you will be supported through the aftercare process with our injectors who will give you advice on how to minimise the recovery time and extend results.

Will I need a consultation

Every new client coming to the clinic for filler treatment is required to have a consultation with the Doctor or Nurse injector they will be receiving treatment from. This is a very important part of the process as it allows the injector to build a picture of exactly what it is you want to achieve. You can find more information about our consultations on our injector consultation page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What filler is best for the chin or jawline area?

Juvederm Volux has been selected by our Doctor and Nurse injectors as the best filler product to use If you are looking to sculpt and contour the chin or jawline with natural looking results.

How long does the filler last?

We use a brand new, innovative filler product in the Juvederm range called Volux, this is much denser than standard filler products so you can benefit from the natural looking results for 18 - 24 months.

Is chin or jawline filler dangerous?

All our injectable filler treatments are carried out exclusively by highly trained Doctor or Nurse injectors who have completed intensive training on minimising the risks of filler treatment and detecting the signs of potential complications early. The risks of chin or jawline filler are no different to the risks of our other injectable filler treatments which your Doctor or Nurse will talk you through before you proceed to treatment.

What happens if something goes wrong?

All our filler treatments are exclusively performed by resident, qualified Doctor or Nurse injectors. Trained to recognise the signs of complications early, they all have professional medical and clinical training and equipment to hand should they need to perform emergency medical assistance if something where to go wrong.

Can you dissolve this type of filler?

Yes, we offer a treatment called Hyalase, this is able to completely dissolve the filler from the treated area. The treatment costs £200 and is performed by one of our Doctor injectors. Please contact the clinic if you would like to find out more about the treatment.

How much does it cost?

Chin and Jawline filler treatments start from £325. The total cost of the treatment will depend on how much filler you require and will be discussed as part of your treatment plan during your initial consultation.

How many mls will I need?

The amount of filler you will need will depend on several factors including the area you would like to be treated, exactly what it is you want to achieve and the recommendations of our Doctor or Nurse injector. If this is your first treatment and you want to try a small amount of filler, your injector will discuss how the results will change with the different volumes of filler.

How quickly will I see the results?

The results are instant so immediately after you have been treated, you will be able to see the results, you will then be invited back for a follow up treatment once the filler has fully settled, we usually say this takes two weeks.

Does chin or jawline filler hurt?

We all have different tolerance levels of pain so some people experience minor discomfort while others are more sensitive; however you can use a numbing cream at home before coming in for your treatment. Our injectors will tell you about your options for this at your consultation.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Before the procedure you will meet with one of our Doctor or Nurse injectors who will work with you to put together a treatment plan in line with what you are looking to achieve.



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