Ageing is about more than just wrinkles. As we get older, several different areas of our faces change, at Epsom Skin Clinics we pride ourselves on giving you the best advice to determine what treatment plan and products can help prevent, correct and bring out your natural beauty.

In our 20′s:

Great collagen support, the backbone of skin and hyaluronic acid supply keeps skin supple and gives a healthy glow in our twenties. At this point in our lives, the fat below the surface of our skin; around the apples of our cheeks is the widest area and usually is firm and perky, the chin is very narrow, coming almost to a point. Visually, this gives the face a youthful triangle shape.Sadly, our skin’s intrinsic ageing process (ageing influenced by internal physiological factors) begins as early as our mid- twenties. Skin-repair mechanisms begin to slow and production of collagen decreases. Since intrinsic ageing is just beginning, external ageing signs are not yet visible however can start to appear around the eyes in the form of fine lines.

In our 30’s:
When we start to notice an uneven skin tone with broken blood vessels and sun spots starting to become more of an issue, sometimes along with lines between eyes and crow’s feet. This is the decade when lifestyle habits from your earlier years start to show on your face.


In our 40’s and 50’s:

Decreasing hormone levels begin to influence skin. At this point in our lives, the face starts losing even more of the subcutaneous fat that was there in our twenties, although it doesn’t decline equally in all areas causing sagging skin to appear more prominent and early signs of jowl formation can start to be seen at this age.

In our 60’s,70’s and beyond

Continued reduction of facial fat and bone structure causes the cheeks and eye sockets to appear even more hollowed. This process, along years of gravity, cause facial skin to appear even more lax.

At Epsom Skin Clinics we offer a wide rage of anti-ageing treatments to suit your skin type at any stage of the ageing process.

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