Therapy Led Treatments In Our 60's And Better

Skin hydration

Our 60's plus is a time in which our skin’s going to be most prone to drying out. Even if we’re someone who’s always had oily skin, it’s unfortunately an inevitable part of the ageing process. The best possible thing both men and women can do is to drink lots of water - if we aim to drink at least 2 pints of water a day we will give our skin the best chance of staying nice and hydrated. We do of course have lots of options for treatments which provide the intensive hydration that our skin needs, this includes therapy led hydrating advanced facials such as the Hydrafacial to give our skin a instant hydrating boost.


Skin Rejuvenation

Unfortunately it is true that as we age our skin does become more fragile and can be susceptible to suffering from small areas of damage such as broken capillaries and burst blood vessels. Luckily this is very easily taken care of with laser treatments such as skin rejuvenation.


Sun Damage 

Sun damage will become particularly prevalent in our later years, even if we feel we have done a really good job of protecting our skin over the years, there are inevitably areas which will show signs of sun damage. To restore the skin and remove areas of pigmentation and sun spots we have a range of treatments including zero downtime Medical Skin Peels along with medical skincare products and sun protection such as the Heliocare range. If you’re unsure about a medical skin peel or have specific areas you would like to address then we also offer an exclusive laser pigmentation treatment the ‘Q-Tone Facial’ to treat sun damaged skin on the face, neck and chest.


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