Skincare In Our 60's & Better

smiling man and woman both in their 60s

Putting ourselves first will have been near impossible over the last 30 years, raising families and supporting them through flying the nest will have consumed a lot of our time and energy alongside working hard to maintain careers, keep households going and doing the best for our families. Your 60's really is time to step back and start focusing on you!

Our 60's will continue to see the decline in bone density and our natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid which will all be key areas to focus on with aesthetic treatments and professional skincare products. 


Women In Their 60's & Better 

There is one great upside to our 60 plus years - almost all of us will have surpassed the menopause! This is great news for our skin as our hormones will plateau bringing more stability and allowing us to get back on top of skin concerns that will have been fluctuating over the years. 

Our sixties may also bring more exciting changes to our lives, we may be thinking about relocating now that our children are fully settled, we might also be starting new relationships and some of us will be back on the dating scene. Regardless of our circumstances, we all deserve to look and feel great and investing some time into refreshing and rejuvenating our skin will help give the renewed confidence to embrace the changes that this period of life brings.


Men In Their 60's & Better

Hitting our 60's used to mean slowing down but were at a time in our lives now where we can start planning our retirement and the new found freedom this affords! We may even be on the dating scene, if this is true then showing we take pride in our appearance is one of the most attractive qualities we can possess! We do get a bit of a head start in the ageing process as we tend to have skin which is more oily than women however if we’ve never taken our skincare seriously before then it really is essential to start in this phase of our lives.


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