Skincare In Our 50's

smiling man and woman in their 50s

Our 50’s are a very important time in our lives and can often be defined by change, we may be supporting children who are flying the nest and starting to seriously consider what we want in the next phase of our lives, some of us might even be thinking about a career change or might be in the midst of dating and starting new relationships, whatever changes we face, we will want to be looking and feeling good to allow ourselves to feel fresh and rejuvenated during this often busy phase of your life. 

Women In Their 50’s

For women, this period of change also extends to our skin, which will be subject to perhaps one of the most significant hormonal fluctuations we will experience in our lives -  the menopause! This hormonal change causes signs of ageing to be accelerated which will show on our skin and bone structure. We can also see some chronic skin conditions flaring up, this may be something we have always suffered from or it may be completely out of the blue, either way if skin conditions flare up the best thing to do is to book in for a Dermatology Consultation as soon as possible, this will allow for a proper skin assessment and treatment plan.

Men In Their 50’s

It's fair to say most of us get a relatively easy ride when it comes to the ageing process, we have skin which is naturally slightly more oily than women which is key to keeping wrinkles at bay and we will have also escaped the hormonal fluctuations that women are subject to so overall we’re probably feeling pretty good about our skin. That's not to say we can sit back and do nothing, if we want to keep ourselves looking fresh and power through our 50's looking and feeling great then looking after our skin is going to be more important now than ever before!

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