Skincare In Our 40's

smiling man in woman in their 40s

Our 40s are often a really exciting phase in our lives, of course there’s plenty to juggle but we have more perspective now of the things that are really important to us and we know the value of scheduling in some self care time for our overall health. Despite feeling calmer and more in control now than in our 20’s and 30’s, the after effects of our hectic years will have taken its toll on our skin. You may be noticing that your face is losing volume in areas and you may see fine lines and wrinkles becoming more visible than ever before so now is the time to start addressing these concerns head on.

Women in our 40’s 

In terms of the ageing process, our skin will start to lose it elasticity as collagen production starts to fall, we may also see our skin blemishes starting to get more noticeable as our hyaluronic acid production will also be in decline. While this is a challenging time for our skin, there are lots of ways for us to regain control and get our skin glowing and looking just as good if not better than it was when we had less time in our 30’s.

Men in our 40’s

Our 40’s should be a great phase in our lives and for many of us we will start to feel more confident and comfortable in ourselves than ever before. We all want to keep looking and feeling good and the secret for men in their 40’s is skin hydration! Hydrated skin helps with fine lines and wrinkles, facial volume and skin tone and texture. Keeping your skin hydrated really does start with drinking lots of water and avoiding things that dehydrate our skin such as junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. To keep our skin looking fresh we should also now start using hydrating skincare products and start incorporating treatments into our skincare routine.  


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