Skincare In Our 30's

 Man and woman with face mask and baby

Our 30’s can be a very demanding time, our work & home life balance can be stressful and hectic and leave us with very little personal time left. A lot of us will be thinking about starting a family or are already experiencing the sleepless nights associated with a new-born. This constant lack of sleep can leave us feeling exhausted and burnt out but setting some time aside for a little self care and paying attention to our skin health is critical as now can be a really defining moment in the ageing process of the skin. 

Women in our 30's

Having our first child can cause absolute chaos with our hormones, this does not just present itself in breakouts, it can actually trigger underlying skin conditions to appear seemingly from nowhere. The key thing is to stay calm and not panic, keep in mind that the severity is being triggered by the hormone fluctuation and as soon as baby arrives this will begin to settle. While we will not be able to have any treatments when pregnant or breastfeeding it's important to keep in close contact with our skin clinic so they can both reassure us and keep our treatment plans updated - there are even a small number of professional skincare products suitable for use when pregnant so rather than snapping up as many high street products as we can get our hands on its best to use the skin clinic as our personal skincare advisers throughout this special time in our lives!  

Men in our 30s 

While we’ve been pretty lucky not to have to deal with the hormone fluctuations that women experience there are still significant changes to our skin that we’re going to need to deal with. When we reach our 30's, men will experience the dermis level of their skin (the top layer) shifting from oily to increasingly dry. This can be good news for those of us suffering from breakouts but it’s definitely not good for the ageing of our skin. This is a badly timed change as we are also dealing with the lifestyle demands of our 30's so now really is the time to take our skincare seriously and aim to keep our skin as fresh and healthy as it was in our 20's.


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