Loose Skin

What causes it?

From our mid twenties, the collagen levels in our skin naturally start to decline resulting in a loss of elasticity. Skin will appear loose and saggy particularly in areas such as the face, the upper arms and the thighs. In many cases, loose skin may be the result of sudden weight loss or pregnancy.

How can it be treated?

Exilis Ultra is an FDA approved treatment designed to lift and tighten skin. Is uses radio frequency waves to warm the deepest layers of skin resulting in new collagen production. This new collagen can improve the appearance of fine lines leaving your complexion feeling refreshed and looking firmer. For the face, Exilis Elite can effectively lift and tighten skin making it ideal for redefining facial contours and treating delicate areas such as around the eyes or neck.

How long does treatment take?

These treatments take a relatively short time to carry out but after a series of treatments the effects can be long-lasting.

Treatment Options

Profhilo - Bio Remodeling
Mini Facelift
Eye Bag Removal - Blepharoplasty
Silhouette Soft Thread Lift
Fotona 4D Facelift
Fotona Smootheye