Rosacea / Redness


What is facial redness?

Facial redness is a common concern for a lot of our clients and can present itself in a number of ways. Some clients suffer with areas of their face looking flushed and sensitive to changes in climate / atmosphere while other clients have more chronic conditions such as Rosacea which causes a deep redness to appear on areas of the face and can include prominent facial veins and clusters of small red spots. 

How is facial redness diagnosed

There can be a lot of misdiagnosis with facial redness as clients often attribute the changes in their skin with just having slightly sensitive skin, however, conditions like Rosacea are prone to being triggered in our immune system causing flare ups and periods where it can go from mild and unnoticeable to severe and prominent very quickly. If you are concerned about facial redness and want a diagnosis, we recommend you book in for an Observ520 skin analysis, our skin care experts will assess your skin and then discuss a treatment plan with you which might include a referral to one of our in house Dermatologist Doctors?

How is facial redness treated?

As facial redness and rosacea are often autoimmune conditions, the best form of treatment is to control and manage the condition. A treatment plan will usually provide a combination of facial treatments designed specifically to soothe redness such as the Dermalux LED light treatment, and topical, medical grade skin care systems which are designed to specifically target facial redness.

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