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If Botox is a regular part of our regime then we will be familiar with the results already and be able to discuss this with our practitioner. If we are considering Botox in our 60s plus for the first then it's not too late! Botox will successfully give us a fresher and rejuvenated look, what it wont do is treat very deep set wrinkles so if we’re looking to soften looks then Botox is a great treatment to have in conjunction with therapy led treatments.

Dermal Filler

Some of us will already be using Dermal Fillers to treat our deep set lines, this is a very effective treatment and offers fantastic results. Another area which is particularly important in our 60s is bone density which we will notice is affecting the structure of our faces, Dermal Filler is the perfect treatment to address this concern. Our Doctor and Nurse injectors use Dermal Filler from the Juvederm range which is a hyaluronic acid based filler specially developed for the different areas of our face, it can be used on a combination of areas to bring volume where it’s lost as well as lifting and sculpting the face to restore the natural contours of your face. Dermal Filler results don't have to be dramatic and our injectors are trained in methods of advanced anti aging techniques to produce natural looking results.  


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