Doctor Led Treatments In Our 50s


If you’ve been having Botox treatments for some time then keeping these going will be important as our facial muscles will continue to respond well to this treatment, now might be a good time to review the frequency of this treatment and make sure we are continuing to get the most out of our Botox Injections. For those of us who have never tried Botox but are considering it now then we recommend booking an Injector Consultation, using Botox for the first time in our 50 might be the right treatment if we are looking at treating finer lines and wrinkles however if our wrinkles are more pronounced or we are concerned with the texture of our skin then our injectors may recommend a different course of treatment. 

Facial Volume

When we reach our 50s alot of us will become concerned with a general loss of volume in our face, this is due to the natural decline in our facial bone density as we age. Concerns with volume in the cheeks, jawline and other areas of the face can be easily corrected with Dermal Fillers. Some of us may feel concerned that fillers will produce an unnatural look particularly when we see instances of dramatically overfilled lips. However our Doctor injectors are trained in the latest techniques of advanced anti ageing to produce natural subtle results. 


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