Doctor Led Treatments In Our 30s


Doctor Led Treatments

A Lot of us start developing new skin concerns in our 30's, we can for the first time start seeing a loss of facial volume and many of us will become increasingly concerned with the appearance of lines which were faint in our 20's but are starting to look more established in our 30's. For those of us who share these concerns, Injectable Doctor led treatments, are the best option for effective, reliable results.


Facial Volume

The demands of our 30's may have left our skin dehydrated and losing its volume. A slight loss of volume or hydration around the face can be treated with Dermal Fillers and very natural results can be achieved with Hyaluronic acid based fillers from the Juvederm range. Our skin will be very receptive to Dermal Fillers in our 30's so we may only need a very small amount to achieve great, natural looking results.



If you’ve already started Botox treatments then it will be a good idea to keep these going and discuss the treatment intervals with your practitioner as this should be reviewed to address any new concerns. If you’ve not considered Botox before then now is a good time to give us the relaxed and refreshed look that we had in our 20's whilst letting us continue with our busy lifestyles. When starting Botox treatments in our 30's, our facial muscle groups can still be easily re-educated and we will benefit from the reduction of fine lines from our foreheads and around our eyes.


Injectable Skincare

In our 20's, our body's production of Hyaluronic acid was at its peak but when we turn 30 this starts to decline. Hyaluronic acid is the naturally produced substance which keeps our skin healthy and hydrated. In addition to this decline in production, you will also be exposed to conditions throughout the year which dry our skin out. If you notice your skin is regularly feeling tight and showing signs of dehydration then injectable skincare products such as Profhilo Bio Remodelling could be a great solution as it has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market and works to hydrate the skin from within keeping us looking fresh and rejuvenated for a minimum of 6 months! 


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