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Quit smoking for 28 days this Stoptober

September 24, 2013 |  by

Stoptober – England’s mass 28-day stop smoking campaign – is back and Epsom Skin Clinics Stop Smoking Service is hoping as many people as possible will take up the challenge.

Almost one in five adults in Surrey still smoke, despite the fact that smoking is the nation’s biggest killer. A staggering half of long-term smokers die prematurely from a smoking-related disease. New research by Public Health England has highlighted the extra years of life that can be gained by giving up smoking and staying smoke free.

A person who stops smoking for 28 days is five times more likely to stay smoke free.

During Stoptober, Epsom Skin Clinics Stop Smoking Service aims to help as many smokers as possible achieve this goal. As well as the health benefits, quitting saves the average smoker more than £150 a month. That’s almost £2,000 a year. It also saves taxpayers’ money, by reducing costs for the NHS, fire services and local councils.

A Director of Public Health said: “Half of all smokers die as a result of smoking. It claims more than 80,000 lives in England prematurely and costs the NHS up to £2.7bn each year. Accepting the Stoptober challenge means you know that life is precious and that stopping smoking is the first step to a longer and healthier life.”

Epsom Skin Clinics Stop Smoking Service offers the very best stop smoking system.

Stop smoking easily with Revolve – Quit those cigarettes in just 1 session
This service offers a free follow up session to keep you on track, along with the facility to contact me for any advice to help you stay smoke free during this 28 day period.

My method uses a combination of belief and conditioning elimination strategies, visualisation and positive thinking and suggestion to make stopping smoking as easy as possible. Over 95% of the 5000 (verified success rate) smokers treated with this system have been helped to quit. This shows you that with the right mindset, now you can give up easily, after just one session.

If you are serious about stopping smoking then please contact Jon young on 07825786947