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woman2woman – 90 Days To Reclaim Your Health

June 4, 2014 |  by

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Now is your chance to do something about it. Imagine creating a vibrant and energetic life by addressing your body’s exact wants and needs and getting to the root cause of dysfunction and chronic health issues.

The aim of this programme is to help women who are feeling fat, tired, bloated, stressed out and depressed by addressing their hormonal imbalances and uncovering hidden stressors to enable them to reclaim the health they deserve and rediscover their mojo. Take the guesswork out of what’s going wrong in your body and discover the root cause and long term solution.

Do you answer YES to some or all of these questions:

1. Do your mood and energy levels swing up and down?
2. Are you overweight, particularly around the middle and just can’t lose it no matter     what you do?
3. Do you have PMS symptoms, painful or heavy periods?
4. Do you have night sweats or hot flushes?
5. Do you have low sex drive?
6. Do you have migraines or headaches?
7. Do you have difficulty falling asleep or have disrupted sleep?
8. Are you anxious or depressed?
9. Do you cry easily?

10. Do you crave sugar or salt?
11. Do you need a coffee to wake up in the morning and a few glasses of wine to chill out at night?

If many or all of these apply to you then chances are your hormones are out of whack and you’re not alone. I’ve seen many women just like you and helped them rediscover their old self again

Once you have the right advice and are given the right plan of action it isn’t that hard to do. 

Functional Nutrition is an approach that lets you take control of your health by focusing on the roots of being healthy.

The programme is designed to rebuild your health by getting to the root causes of your health issues and transform your health, wellbeing and vitality

 We achieve this by listening to your unique health history and personal story,  looking at your genetics, environment and lifestyle and through the use of functional lab testing. Using the results of functional lab tests I am able to identify healing opportunities and work with you to rebuild your health using the potent, proven, professional protocols in my DRESS code for health programme. This includes diet, rest, exercise, supplements and stress reduction. Functional nutrition holds the utmost respect for biochemical individuality and as such we tailor each programme to the individual rather than a “one size fits all” approach. Functional nutrition does not diagnose or treat disease but is a holistic approach to building health which can be complementary to and easily integrated with most medical approaches in use today.

 Click the link below to arrange your complementary Strategy Session. During this time we’ll discuss your own personal health issues, what you’ve tried in the past that has or hasn’t worked and your personal health goals for the future. Towards the end of the session we can explain the functional nutrition process, how it can work for you. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether this is the right programme for you.You’ll also receive action steps you can put into practice immediately whether you decide to go ahead or not.

I’ll commit to you my full support and experience in helping you achieve the health you deserve

I look forward to learning how I can support you


In Health


Helen Williams

Tel: 0208 226 5063



Check your Vitamin D levels – Special offer 50% off!

February 27, 2013 |  by

Surrey Nutrition based at Epsom Skin Clinics is now pleased to be able to offer clients a wide range of tests via Regenerus Labs which includes tests from Doctors Data (

As a special promotion until the end of March you can order a home test kit to assess your vitamin D levels for half price. The regular test costs £30 and we are able to offer you a 50% discount (test cost is now £15). Surrey Nutrition will also include both dietary and supplement recommendations with your results.

We make the majority of our vitamin D by the action of sunlight on the skin. In the UK from around October until April the level of UV in the sunshine is so low that we are not able to make this conversion. Research has shown that the human body can store up to 3 month’s worth of the vitamin. Therefore at this time of year we would recommend that the majority of people get their vitamin D levels checked (unless of course you have been lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous winter sunshine holiday).

To order your test kit please contact Surrey Nutrition Clinic ( with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail, mark the e-mail Vitamin D Test order. We will arrange for a home test kit to be sent out to you. You pay the fee directly to the lab when you return the test. All tests must be completed, returned and received by the lab before 31st March 2013 to be eligible for the 50% discount

When the results are received they will be e-mailed to you along with dietary and supplement suggestions.